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Pipe & Profile Cutting Machines



MicroStep CPCut

The machine´s modular design and variable execution enables a wide range of pipe based applications including trimming, cutting of various openings for multiple pipe and profile intersections or connections, welding seam preparation as well as pipe marking. The application field is in tank, pipeline and power plant constructions.

MicroStep ProfileCut

ProfileCut is a variable machine dedicated for production of steel structures. Besides optional pipe-, rectangular profile- and sheet cutting zones it has a dedicated zone for cutting of structural profiles such as I, U or L.

MicroStep PipeCut

PipeCut is a modular pipe and profile cutting machine designed for a wide range of pipe based applications incl. trimming, cutting of holes for multiple pipe and profile intersections, welding seam preparation and pipe marking. The modular design provides the possibilities of various machine variants as well as further expansion of the system according to customers' requirements. PipeCut can be used in tank, pipeline and power plant constructions

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