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CNC lathes from the Romi C Series are machines with great flexibility for machining several types of parts, with an excellent level of power, quick movements and machining accuracy. They are targeted for oil and gas, sugar mills, naval, steel mills and energy segments of heavy industries. The robust mechanical structure of Romi VT Series provides rigidity, stability and versatility in machining processes of a wide range of workpieces found in the heavy industry, such as rings, sleeves, flanges and covers, among others.

Giuseppe Giana

Giuseppe Giana has been in the machine tool industry for more than 30 years. Know-how, expertise and a highly qualified technical staff allows Giana to operate all over the world, for many industrial sectors including aerospace, oil, power generation, paper, shipbuilding and the metallurgical industry.

What Are Horizontal Lathes?

A horizontal lathe is a type of lathe machine designed to spin the workpiece on a horizontal axis, parallel to the machine bed. The chuck and tailstock secure the workpiece from above, allowing the machine to efficiently handle lighter, longer workpieces that may not require very large diameters.

Common applications include machining tubing, piping, engine shafts and other slender parts that can leverage the generous distance between centers horizontal lathes accommodate. Typical maximum load capacities range from 300 kg on standard workshop machines up to 1 ton or more on heavy-duty production lathes.

What Do Horizontal Lathes Do?

The horizontal orientation allows these machines to excel at various longitudinal machining operations. The workpiece rotates between the chuck and tailstock, allowing the cutting tool to approach from the side to shape the part along its length. Common horizontal lathe processes include:

Facing – Machining the ends of the workpiece
Turning – Reducing diameter as the part rotates
Parting/grooving – Cutting narrow trenches around the diameter
Boring – Enlarging interior diameters
Threading – Cutting screw threads, both internal and external
Taper turning – Machining angled diameters

This versatility makes the horizontal lathe an indispensable multi-purpose machine. Its capacity for manipulating the workpiece and accessing its full length with tools enables efficient, precise machining of symmetrical features on longer, slimmer parts.

Features and Benefits of Our Horizontal Lathes

United Precision Service’s horizontal lathe is equipped with an advanced high-speed guiding system for efficient workpiece processing. They stand out due to their cutting-edge design and technology, exceptionally high performance and durability. They also ensure safe and user-friendly operation, upholding the finest standards in function and safety. Here are the key features and benefits.

Cutting-Edge Design & Technology

Our horizontal lathes are at the forefront of technology and design with an infinitely variable spindle speed and extensive standard equipment. Their capability to maintain a constant cutting speed greatly aids in achieving the required precision and surface finish. Additionally, they occupy minimal floor space, a feature that addresses any spatial constraints without compromising functionality.

Exceptional Performance & Durability

Constructed with top-quality materials, we ensure our horizontal lathe machines are robust and can withstand intensive operation over the course of time. Furthermore, each machine exhibits excellent stability and rigidity, with essential factors like center width and turning diameter designed to cater to different workpiece sizes.

User-Friendly & Safe Operation

Safe and easy operation is a high priority in all our large CNC machines. Each lathe machine comes complete with an intuitive operator interface that significantly eases the learning curve, especially for beginners. For added safety, they feature protective casings around moving components to prevent accidental contact. They also come equipped with emergency stop buttons that allow the operator to immediately halt machine operation if needed.

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