Horizontal Lathes


CNC lathes from Romi C Series are machines with great flexibility for machining several types of parts, with great level of power, quick movements and machining accuracy. They are targeted for oil and gas, sugar mill, naval, steel mills and energy segments of heavy industries. The robust mechanical structure of Romi VT Series provides rigidity, stability and versatility in machining processes of a wide range of workpieces found in the heavy industry, such as rings, sleeves, flanges and covers among others.

Giuseppe Giana

Giuseppe Giana has been in the machine tool industry for more than 30 years. Know-how, expertise and a highly qualified technical staff allows Giana to operate all over the world, for many industrial sectors including aerospace, oil, power generation, paper, shipbuilding and the metallurgical industry.

Romi C2200

ROMI C1600 - Rolling Mills

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