Structural Beam Cutting Machines


MicroStep DS

DS is designed for high-efficiency drilling and cutting with the possibility of automatic plate feeding and automatic part sorting on output.

MicroStep DS-B

DS-B is designed for dual-side high-efficiency drilling and tapping of hollow profiles with square or rectangular cross-sections.

What is Beam Cutting?

Beam cutting is a crucial process in many industries, with applications in constructing frameworks, warehouses, bridges, and skyscrapers. The process involves cutting structural beams, such as I-beams, H-beams, box sections, etc. into specific lengths and shapes using specialized cutting machines. These machines offer high precision, efficiency, and versatility far beyond traditional straight cuts.

Most modern beam cutting systems can create complex shapes and designs, making them ideal for projects like railcars and heavy equipment frames, building construction sites, bridges, crane runways, and more. The right cutting machine can make the task easier and more accurate.

Experience Superior Precision with Our Beam Cutting Machines

Our state-of-the-art beam cutting machines provide high levels of accuracy previously impossible to achieve with manual methods. With computer-controlled precision, these machines can make exact cuts on a variety of beam types, no matter how unique the shape.

The technological advancements incorporated into our machines bring enormous benefits to any project. They offer superior precision for complex shapes and dimensions. These machines are ideal for projects that require exact measurements and detailed cuts.

Through accurate, careful cuts, they also minimize waste. Material handling becomes easier and more efficient as the high cut quality reduces the amount of rework or correction needed on the job site. As a result, beams fit together perfectly on the first try, increasing efficiency and reducing project timelines. Whether you need intricate designs for vessel heads or box sections, our machines ensure every cut comes out exactly as you need it.

Features That Set Our Beam Cutting Machines Apart

Controlled Accuracy with Enhanced Precision

Our beam cutting machines are designed to deliver unrivaled precision. Utilizing advanced automation technology, these machines meticulously control the entire cutting process, delivering beam cuts with immaculate accuracy. Here are some features that enhance the accuracy of our machines:

    • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) precision allows for precise cuts, even for complex beam shapes
    • Advanced sensors assist in continuous real-time monitoring, ensuring that each cut stays true to the predetermined dimensions
    • Digital display screens provide visual representations of the beam cuts, enabling operators to make adjustments as needed

Reduced Waste with High Cut Quality

Waste reduction is paramount for cost-effective beam cutting. Rather than relying on manual measurements, our CNC beam cutters use precision sensors to scan each beam prior to cutting. By optimizing cut paths based on exact beam dimensions, our machines minimize wasted materials. This reduces scrap disposal costs as well as the environmental impact associated with waste. The end result is more efficient projects with lower material costs.

Increased Efficiency

Our beam cutting machines deliver unprecedented efficiency, allowing your team to work faster without compromising on quality. By automating the cutting process, these machines significantly reduce man-hours and ensure that each beam is cut quickly and correctly. They also cut down on the time spent manually measuring, marking, and cutting, creating more time for assembly and construction.

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