Horizontal Boring Mills


The Mausa boring machine with a movable column, floor-type, represents the ideal solution for large machining, with high productivity and application flexibility. The available range of applications allows the development of dedicated solutions with maximum machining productivity, such as turn-key processes for wind turbine components, components for hydroelectric power plants, and large parts for the aerospace segment.

What Are Horizontal Mills?

A CNC horizontal mill is an advanced and incredibly versatile manufacturing machine used to produce large, complex metal components with extreme precision. As their name suggests, these machines orient the cutting tool spindle in a horizontal orientation instead of a vertical one.
The horizontal configuration also provides unencumbered access to all sides of a part for complex and detailed machining operations. With their rugged build, superior power, and exceptional accuracy, horizontal mills are a workhorse of modern manufacturing, used everywhere from aerospace and defense to energy and transportation.

The orientation of the spindle directly impacts the type of machining work that can be accomplished. With both a horizontal and vertical spindle, a universal milling machine provides the most versatility, allowing for a broad range of milling operations.

Types of Horizontal Mills

Horizontal mills range in functionality and design, with various features that cater to specific industry needs. Below are notable types of horizontal machining centers:

    • Universal Horizontal Mills: The most common variety, universal horizontal mills provide 5-sided machining with a rotating table and fixed spindle orientation. This flexibility allows them to perform a wide range of complex milling operations. The table can be swapped for a rotary axis, expanding functionality even further.
    • Boring Mills: Used for large-part boring, drilling, and tapping applications. Their stationary table holds exceptionally heavy workpieces stable for meticulous hole-making procedures. Some boring mills offer two spindle heads for roughing and finishing cuts in one setup.
    • Traveling Column Mills: Ideal for long bed milling applications, the cutter head “travels” along a guide rail while the worktable remains stationary. This permits machining extra long parts not possible on standard horizontal bed mills.

Horizontal mills are an essential part of the manufacturing industry and provide the foundation for many products we use daily. Through constant innovations, manufacturers have expanded the capabilities of these machines, increasing their efficiency and versatility to meet the evolving requirements of industries worldwide.

Beneficial Features of Our Horizontal Mills

Horizontal mills are no question an instrumental piece of machinery vital in the manufacturing and machining industry. Our range of high-performing CNC horizontal mills takes modern machining dynamics to the next level thanks to a host of powerful features. They are sturdy, uniquely designed, and fortified with the most advanced technology for improved efficiency and precision.

Efficiency and Power

Large main spindles, beefy axis drives, and advanced CNC controls equip our horizontal mills to make short work of big metal-removal jobs. Generous horsepower ratings cut through steel with ease. Geared headstocks churn out high levels of torque for difficult machining procedures, while programmable coolant delivery systems enhance chip evacuation and temperature control.

Advanced and automatic pallet changers enhance production capacity significantly, offering Intense and consistent power for seamless operations. Overall, exceptional power and intelligent controls join forces for reduced cycle times and heightened metal removal rates.

Versatility and Flexibility

Job shops and manufacturers demand equipment flexible enough to handle whatever walks through the door. Our horizontal mills are engineered for diverse professional manufacturing environments with variable application needs. Their flexible capabilities are suited for adapting to new jobs and workpieces that walk through the door.

Machine customization options are available to match specialized requirements around:

    • Expanded workpiece size capacity
    • Range of operation angles
    • Precision positioning tuning
    • Cutting process enhancements

Our engineering team collaboratively assesses individual business demands to configure horizontal milling systems and optional accessories for maximum flexibility.

Contact us to explore custom horizontal mill solutions tailored to your shop’s versatility requirements and manufacturing growth.

Precise and Detail-Oriented Operations

Surpassing precision standards is crucial when working in strict aerospace, medical, and nuclear applications. Our horizontal mills meet these expectations with exacting accuracy:

    • Stable structural design limits positional variation during machining operations.
    • Smooth and vibration-minimized moving components enable finely-detailed cuts.
    • Isolation systems reduce environmental interference for workpiece precision.
    • Precision measurement systems provide operators control down to tiny fractions.
    • Mill toolholding kits provide a critical interface between the cutting tool and spindle, ensuring the tool is held securely without vibration for precision machining.

Advanced enhancements like laser calibration, AI thermal growth algorithms, and temperature-controlled spindles enable tolerances reaching down to micron tenths. Our horizontal milling machines achieve this degree of precision to meet the exacting demands of the most discerning applications in specialty production environments.

Longevity and Durability

Horizontal machining center purchase decisions aren’t made lightly, so maximum uptime and longevity are pivotal. These machines are engineered for rugged durability:

    • Massive, sturdy bases and components absorb vibration and mechanical forces.
    • Durable moving parts defy friction and resist wear during heavy use.
    • High-capacity spindle bearings ensure evenly distributed load handling.
    • Permanently sealed lubrication circulates oil without contamination.
    • Robust coolant systems that prevent overheating, protecting components and extending the lifespan of the machine

Taken together, these elements deliver decades of productivity – a testament to outstanding engineering. Access to our nationwide support staff also ensures prompt parts or expert service whenever needed. We stand behind every machine with our service guarantee.

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