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Laser Machines




MSF machine is a powerful laser cutting system for cutting of materials with a fiber laser, or a combination of fiber laser and plasma.

Microstep MSF Compact

MSF Compact is a powerful yet cost-effective version of MSF - without compromising any of the dynamic properties of the MSF line. The machine is designed for production of highly accurate parts at high cutting speeds with a single cutting head and with surprisingly low maintenance and operational costs.

Microstep MSF-Max

With its length of 50 meters, MSF Max is a real behemoth among our CNC laser cutters. This machine has been designed for heavy duty bevel cutting of large ship parts which at the same time have to be cut with utmost accuracy. The mobile safety cabin ensures both safe cutting in one zone and safe, unobstructed unloading of the cut parts and consequent loading of the new workpieces.

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