Bevel Cutting Thick Material

The integration of oxyfuel technology in MicroStep’s rotary bevel heads creates new application areas especially where complex contours with multiple bevel cuts in larger material thicknesses are required. Paired with innovative solutions such as ACTG and ABP, the new technology proves to be highly efficient and precise.

The efficiency of bevel cutting of thick metals is determined by several factors: energy and gas consumption, wear of consumables (cutting nozzles), cutting speed, the number of cuts needed to achieve the desired cut profile (for X, Y, K cuts), the possible need for additional material handling between individual cuts, and finally, the volume of waste material that does not belong to the final cut part but also degrades in the cutting process.

The quality of the cut is determined by the limitations of the technology itself and, in case of thicker materials, by the ability to cut material of a certain thickness at all. A sustainable production technology needs to be well balanced between efficiency (cost) and cut quality.

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