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Provider of the highest quality Large Frame CNC Machines for all your large part needs.

Vertical Lathes

Bost Heavy Duty Vertical Lathes

Bost’s technical team offers great flexibility designing machine tools. We realize that our customers are not looking to buy machines, but to solve their machining needs at the lowest cost and the highest possible quality. Therefore, we adapt the design of our machines to the customer’s needs. Our machine tools allow for any combination of manufacturing processes like turning, milling, drilling in all rotary and linear axes, as well as, grinding and boring with reliable equipment in one setup and with a high degree of automation for all possible machining applications.

ROMI Vertical Lathes

Romi, founded in 1930, is internationally known for the design and manufacture of CNC Machine Tools, ensuring that they have the latest technology and industry leading performance, supported by quality and reliability. Capable of manufacturing 2,900 machines per year, Romi machines are in production in leading manufacturing facilities around the Globe. Romi produce advanced machine tool solutions for sectors such as aerospace, railway, automotive, energy, oil and gas, steel industry, paper and pulp, naval, and industrial machinery.

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