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Provider of the highest quality machining centers for all your large part needs.

Multiprocess Machines


Bost’s technical team offers great flexibility designing machine tools. We realize that our customers are not looking to buy machines, but to solve their machining needs at the lowest cost and the highest possible quality. Therefore, we adapt the design of our machines to the customer’s needs. Our machine tools allow for any combination of manufacturing processes like turning, milling, drilling in all rotary and linear axes, as well as, grinding and boring with reliable equipment in one setup and with a high degree of automation for all possible machining applications.


MATEC’s machine tool conception is based on standard machines as well as custom-made machines. Planning is always based on our customer’s specific machining tasks. Choosing a basic machine from our program marks the beginning of each planning. Many possible options complete the machine to the perfect production solution. The “clever-engineered” MATEC Modular Component System allows to cover nearly all customer requests in metal cutting.


Gurutzpe designs and manufactures CNC multiprocess machines in close collaboration with its customers. We develop advanced machine tool solutions for sectors such as aerospace, railway, automotive, energy, oil and gas, steel industry, paper and pulp, naval, and industrial machinery. Gurutzpe machines stand out due to their robustness, precision and reliability. We help you to make optimum use of your Gurutzpe products, offering service packages suited to your needs. We make sure that your machine is producing profitably and sustainably.


JUARISTI offers solutions to companies that carry out their industrial activity in sectors with completely different needs and applications. Our experts work collaboratively with customers on projects, developing ad-hoc solutions with a unique degree of customization in our sector. This working method offers great flexibility for the configuration of technologies and materials used in the structure of the solution, in addition to the heads, automation systems, tables, and pallets included in the final assembly.

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