Gantry & Portal Milling Machines


The 5-axis Gantry milling center is a very large machine that allows machining operations on 5-axis and 5-sides to be carried out in one setup part clamping, from roughing to finishing. It is particularly suitable for large complex parts intended for machining molds, dies, stamping tools, models and precision parts. The choice of fixed Portal architecture makes it possible to offer a machine with maximum rigidity for extremely accurate machining in various and hard materials. The modular design and the many alternatives and equipment offered make it easy to meet all customer requirements.


With the moving gantry, moving table and portal milling design, Hexram takes a simple, rigid design and turns it into a flexible manufacturing platform with a small travel to floor space ratio. The Hexram family of machines offer a variety of heads to take on applications from any industry and are built to handle materials from aluminum to stainless, titanium and Inconel.

Huron KX300 Installation RKM

Huron KXG 30-14

Hexram MG1218