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Provider of the highest quality Large Frame CNC machines for all your large part needs.

Gantry and Portal Milling Machines




As a major dedicated technology contributor in the world, Huron is dedicated to explore unlimited  possibilities in the Machine Tool World. Credited with many firsts in the industry, Huron has built a global reputation for machine performance and up-time. Rapid Feed rates up to 2,400 ipm (60m/min), spindle speeds of above 20,000 rpm and full 5 axes machining capabilities, allows Huron to set the standard in high performance reliable accurate machining.


MATEC’s machine tool conception is based on standard machines as well as custom-made machines. Planning is always based on our customer’s specific machining tasks. Choosing a basic machine from our program marks the beginning of each planning. Many possible options complete the machine to the perfect production solution. The “clever-engineered” MATEC Modular Component System allows to cover nearly all customer requests in metal cutting.


Hexram Heavy duty Vertical Machining Centers are designed and built in the United States. With the moving gantry, moving table and portal milling design, Hexram takes a simple, rigid design and turns it into a flexible manufacturing platform with a small travel to floor space ratio. The Hexram family of machines offer a variety of heads to take on applications from any industry and are built to handle materials from aluminum to stainless, titanium and Inconel.

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