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Trimill Portal Type Milling Machines

Trimill specializes in the manufacturing of portal milling machines for tool, die, mold, aerospace, and general job shop industries. Their innovative line of machines, with rack and pinion technology, work in all linear axes for higher travel speeds and feed rates and improved machining productivity. The new attractive design of exterior and interior ensures better thermal characteristics, which substantially affect final accuracy and the quality of finished surfaces.

Trimill machines represent a unique concept of universal, up to 7 axis, milling machines using “box-in-box” type portal with a machine base consisting of mineral concrete columns. This design solution enables customers to combine maximum rigidity with the advantage of clamping work pieces in a horizontal direction. This “box-in-box” type design is not only utilized in the V, VC, VU, VM, and VF series of vertical portal machines, but also in the HC and HF series of horizontal machines. All series are available with different head configurations to be customized for your purpose.

Vertical Milling Machines – VC

Vertical Milling Machines – VU

Vertical Milling Machines – VF

Vertical Milling Machines – VM

Horizontal Milling Machines – HC

Horizontal Milling Machines – HF

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