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Provider of the highest quality machining centers for all your large part needs.

Gurutzpe Heavy Duty Flat Bed Horizontal Lathes

Leaders in heavy duty CNC lathes

Gurutzpe represents a range of CNC horizontal lathes of large capacity.

Our 2 bed guide and 4 bed guide-way lathes (the latest ones allow the crossing between the carriage and the tailstock and the steady rests) have been designed in order to meet the most demanding needs for machining large dimension pieces.

Likewise, we have designed special models for wind mill machining, oil field machining, wheel train machining, rolling mills machining, and other large capacity applications.

Our experience, prestige and commitment with our customers during the last 50 years have enabled us to become leaders in the manufacturing of CNC lathes of large capacity.

Heavy Duty CNC Lathes – GL-Series

Heavy Duty CNC Lathes – GLX-Series

Heavy Duty CNC Lathes – GKH-Series

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