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Provider of the highest quality machine tools for all your large part needs.


Who We Are

United Precision Services is unique in the machine tool distribution industry. We are one of the few companies where you can see the machine or a similar machine working in an actual showroom. United Precision also offers full turnkey solutions, unlike any other in the industry.

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 Bed and Floor Type Universal Milling Machines

 Dynamic 3-5 Axis Gantry & Bridge Milling Machines
 Custom Traveling Column Machining Centers, Portal Mills and Multiprocess Machines

 Heavy Duty Moving Gantry, Portal & Table, Vertical Milling and Turning Machines

 Heavy Duty Flat Bed Horizontal and Vertical Lathes

 Horizontal Boring Mills

 Metal Fabrication Machinery

United Precision Services provides sales, support, parts, and service for heavy duty and precision machine tools

We provide a turnkey solution including machine tool sales, foundation support, programming, tooling, part manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, calibration, and after installation technical support, parts, and service.

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Fabrication Machines for Sale

Plasma & Oxyfuel Machines • Pipe & Profile Cutting Machines • Structural Beam Cutting Machines • Waterjet Machines • Laser Machines

Large Machine Importer & Distributor

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Large Frame CNC Machine Tools from MTE, Hexram, Huron, Romi, Matec, Giuseppe Giana, Mausa and MicroStep Fabrication Machinery

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Industries Served

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United Precision Services

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Job Shop Services 3 to 5 Axis Machining, Fabrication, Assembly and Testing Facilities

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